The film

Clean hands

Caring hand – Killing hand

This documentary is the result of an encounter. Neither with a man nor a cause, but with both inseparably linked. Hand hygiene in healthcare has been driving Prof Didier Pittet for the last 20 years. A global burden killing 16 million per year throughout the world. Didier Pittet’s actions as well as the generalization of alcohol-based handrubs have cut by half the death toll directly due to nosocomial infections.

From Vietnam to Liberia, from the UK to Guinea, Brazil or Saudi Arabia, Clean Hands will take you to the core of an amazing story. It all began at HUG twenty years ago, and has now conquered the world.

Ambassador to the World Health Organization, Didier Pittet has been promoting the “Clean Care is Safer Care” campaign around the globe. He has been dedicating his entire life to others for the last 20 years, living off cases in hotels and sharing his time between planes and hospitals, teaching, lecturing and coaching. Clean Hands tells the story of a passionate man who has dedicated his whole life to the prevention of nosocomial infections.

An odyssey made of touching and genuine encounters, which will enable people to understand the challenge of healthcare-associated infections. A plague still affecting nowadays millions of victims who had come to hospitals to be cured without even realizing hospitals may also turn into dangerous settings.